Don’t Lose Contact With Your Prospects – Let Me Help You Fill Your Autoresponders with Quality Messages

Certainly, you’ve heard the expression, “The Money is in the List” and if you are visiting this page, you likely know this to be true.

But have you heard this expression:

“There’s NO money in the list if you don’t use the list.”

Sure it’s common sense, but we all get busy and sometimes our mailing lists get left by the wayside. Perhaps you have an autoresponder series you started and have put in 10-20 emails, but haven’t had any time to go back. Don’t let those prospects go to waste. It’s a fact that most people won’t buy from you the first few times you contact them, but when they finally do buy and they’re satisfied with their purchase, they’ll buy from you over and over again.

Problem is, if you don’t stay in contact, that great relationship you’ve built goes cold. Let me help you fill up your autoresponders with great informational contact so you can keep in touch and stay on your prospects’ minds. That way, when you have a new program or promotion to offer, they’ll jump at the chance to do so.

I’ll do any necessary research, craft the email text and ensure it is professionally proofread. All you do is supply the ideas

Project prices vary depending on the length of the message:*

250-400 words  $20 per email
401-600 words  $30 per email
601-800 words  $40 per email

****talk to me about pricing for an email series.


*Please note: There are rare instances where projects will require more research and preparation. In those cases, an additional fee may be charged, but you will be notified prior to project commencement.

If You’d Like to Get Started, Tell Me More about Your Project – Click HERE to contact me or schedule a Free Consultation

What People Are Saying 

I am the owner of a website that is targeted to the parents of teenagers and when I received the special report related to raising successful teens I was amazed! It was put together so nicely, brilliantly written and touched on so many important topics.

To top that off ALL of the content that I have received so far has been excellent. I’ve come to rely on your expertise and I have been impressed each and every time. It is nice to know that I can use your company to fulfill my content needs. It saves me time, money and headaches too.

Aurelia Williams

You guys are saving me so much time and money and making my subscribers
happy too.

Carrie Lauth

After having spent so much time (and no small amount of money) trying to get decent content written, I admit I was cautious when first using your services. However, the experience was friendly and professional in every way – your research was top-notch, the quality of the content was simply outstanding, and the finished articles were delivered right on time.

It’s difficult to describe just how much difference working with trustworthy and professional people can make, so instead I’ll just say that you’re most definitely my first stop for content from now on. Highly recommended.

Peter Coughlin

 Thank you for turning my outline into an informative and easy-to-read report. I’ve tried to do reports myself and it took forever to get it done but after giving you my outline you took it and ran with it and highlighted resources I didn’t think to include.

You literally saved me hundreds of hours and helped me stay within my budget. I look forward to using your services again.

Tiffani Smith

I’m very impressed with the articles, those are the kinds of articles that I’ve always wanted but couldn’t find anyone to write for me. And I didn’t have to tweak them or anything, just post them to my blog.


Phoenix, AZ

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