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How to Thrive on the Paleo Diet - Content Pack

Main Product: How to Thrive on the Paleo Diet – A Guide to Paleo Fitness, Weight Loss & Weight Gain

Many people choose to go Paleo to meet specific fitness and weight goals, and this is what this extra eBook is all about!

Here’s what it covers: How to Meet Your Fitness & Weight Goals on the Paleo Diet, Beyond Calorie Counting, Paleo for Weight Loss, Paleo for Weight Gain, Supplements on the Paleo Diet, How to Workout Like a Caveman & How to Sustain Your Results.

Main eBook: “How to Thrive on the Paleo Diet”


Main Product + eCover: How to Thrive on the Paleo Diet (Fitness & Weight)
4 Paleo Fitness & Weight Checklists
Report: How to Eliminate Dairy from Your Diet + eCover
Report: How to Eliminate Gluten from Your Diet + eCover
Report: How to Eliminate Sugar from Your Diet + eCover
Matching Checklists for All 3 Reports
Paleo Kitchen Tricks Guide + eCover
Avoid Common Paleo Pitfalls Guide + eCover
10 Related Articles
37 Royalty Free Images
20 Shareable Social Media Images
30 Social Media Posts
BONUS: 100 Paleo Content Ideas
Plus Idea/ Content Tracking Spreadsheet

Keto Recipes & Photos

Show your readers how easy it is to live the Keto lifestyle with these all-new kitchen-tested Ketogenic recipes with original food photos!

Let’s face it. .. As an online entrepreneur…. You’re busy.

You’re trying to build and run a profitable online business and you don’t always have time to brainstorm new recipe ideas, go shopping, tweak and test every single recipe to get it “just right,’ take gorgeous food photos, and keep everything else going at the same time.

We get it! We know exactly how hard it can be to constantly come up with delicious, new recipes and mouth-watering images your readers will love week in and week out!

12 Keto Recipes & 50 Photos

  • ​All recipes are low carb, high fat, and moderate protein
  • All recipes are made with “real food” ingredients (with the exception of protein powder for the smoothie)
  • Nutritional information is included for each recipe, including calories, total carbs (g), net carbs (g), protein (g), and fat (g)
  • Recipes are ​offered individually – not in the context of full menu plans. Therefore, you can combine the recipes ​with other food items to adjust the macro balance to fit your individual needs

How to Go Paleo Content Pack

Main Product: How to Go Paleo

The main product is a guide on what the Paleo diet is and how to transition to it. You can sell it as an eBook, or break it down into a premium, paid course (delivered online or via email).

Main eBook: “How to Go Paleo: A Beginner’s Guide to the Paleo Diet”

Content Pack Includes:

Main How to Go Paleo Product + eCover
Paleo Diet Workbook Planner + Checklist
Paleo Superfoods Short Report + eCover
Matching Checklist
5 Day “Are You Ready to Go Paleo?” Presell Series
10 Related Articles
3 Food Lists: Paleo Foods, Non-Paleo Foods and Paleo Food Swaps
4 Essential Paleo Kitchen Item Reviews
1 Paleo Cookbook Review
10 Shareable Social Media Images
20 Social Media Posts
Benefits of the Paleo Diet Infographic
17 Royalty Free Images
3 Bonus Article Bylines
Paleo Diet Keyword Research – 500+ Keywords

Health & Self Improvement Content Membership

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